Please select the desired option for your backpack order

We have lost the old backpack manufacturer.

We have started a new development with the manufacturer VAUDE.

  • Putting the Kwiggle in the backpack becomes easier.
  • The materials used are sustainably produced in accordance with the VAUDE principle.
  • We equip the backpack with a stabilizing back plate and a robust bottom plate.
  • The backpack can be used multifunctionally both as a backpack and as a luggage bag for the Kwiggle luggage carrier.
  • Switching between backpack carry and luggage carrier function is very easy and fast.

We are currently waiting for the prototype of the backpack.

The new backpack will be delivered in late 2023/early 2024 and will cost about 160 - 180 Euro.

We ask that you select from the following two options so that the selection can be noted directly in the order:

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