Quality and guarantee


DIN EN ISO 4210 tested

Bicycles are tested worldwide in 190 countries in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4210.

The most important tests are the tests with dynamic loads on the pedals and on the saddle.

These tests simulate the ageing of the frame in daily use over many years.

Defined loads are applied to the pedals and saddle every second over several days. The tests are passed if no damage to the frame can be detected after the test process has been completed.

Even if the Kwiggle does not fall under these test regulations due to its different nature the Kwiggle has of course undergone and passed these important tests.

Since the first delivery in 2019, we have already had many customers who have already completed more than 5,000 - 10,000 km on their Kwiggle.

For this reason, we are now taking the next step and giving you a voluntary manufacturer's warranty on the frame, fork and seat.

Warranty on the frame

If something should go wrong, the following guarantee conditions apply:

In addition to the statutory warranty, we also provide a voluntary 5-year manufacturer's warranty on the frame, seat post and fork of the Kwiggle from the date of delivery.

The warranty only covers material and manufacturing defects that were already present on delivery. Any damage caused by external influences is excluded from the warranty, for example accidents or wear and tear.

You must be the original owner of the Kwiggle and you can make a warranty claim for up to 5 years from the date of delivery. In the event of a warranty claim, the cost of rebuilding the Kwiggle must be covered, shipping and customs (if applicable) must be borne by the owner of the bike.

If the item to be replaced is no longer available in the original color you will receive a different color or an upgrade to the successor model.


Patented worldwide

A lot of work went into the development of the Kwiggle, and we wanted to protect it.

The drives, folding joints, folding geometry and seating systems of the Kwiggle are therefore protected worldwide by the following patents:

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