Kwiggle FAQs

Here you can find out all the details about the Kwiggle. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at

Buying advice

Our evaluation shows: 96.7% of Kwiggle buyers are enthusiastic about the Kwiggle's driving performance.

This enables us to offer our EU customers an extended 14-day right of withdrawal:

You order a Kwiggle, test ride it for two to three days - and if you don't like it, you simply send it back within the cancellation period. We will then immediately refund the purchase price.

In this way, you will have more time to learn how to ride the Kwiggle in everyday situations.

If you can come to us in Hannover or if you live near Hannover, you are welcome to arrange a test ride with us. Please contact us at We will then arrange a date with you and let you know where the test drive will take place.

Yes, with pleasure. Please select pick-up in Hanover as the shipping method when ordering.

In addition, you get a short personal briefing when you come to pick up your Kwiggle.

The 1-speed version is sufficient for use in a flat city.

The comfortable 3-speed gearing provides flexibility when you take off, on bridges, in hilly and slightly mountainous terrain, and with headwinds.

The 6-speed model has another 2 lighter gears that will get you up steeper hills, and a heavier gear for riding downhill. On the flat, the 6-speed model brings no speed gain.

Ortlieb bags with the QL2.1 suspension system where the Inner diameter of the QL2.1 hooks should be greater than 15 mm (i.e. without inserts). The distance between the QL2.1 hooks should be 95 - 100 mm inside.
Also suitable are VAUDE bags with the QMR hook-in system.
Rolling cases should have 2 skate wheels or profiled sport wheels. The handle should be extendable at least 104 cm (3ft 5in) from the ground (usual dimension). Manufacturers of sporty rolling suitcases (Vaude, Eastpak, The North Face, etc.) have many products with these wheels.
Black is by far the most common color used by painters and therefore the cheapest to get. In addition, black requires less preparation in the painting process. That's why black is generally cheaper than other colors.


The Kwiggle has a patented drive system that really gets the wheels up to speed properly, without you having to pedal any faster.

This way you'll easily ride as fast as a normal bike, between 20 and 30 km/h (12.4 and 18.6 mph) depending on the type of rider.

If you ever want to go fast, you can get up to 35 km/h (21.7 mph) or more. Since you use your weight to propel yourself and don't have click pedals, this will not be a continuous speed.

On descents with good asphalt we already achieved speeds up to 60 km/h (37.3 mph).

No, thanks to the patented gears, you can ride just as fast as a city bike with the same pedal speed.

When you ride at a normal bike speed of 20 - 25 km/h (12.4 - 15.5 mph) your pedal speed is actually lower than with a city bike because you also use your body weight to propel yourself.

The physiologically optimal upright posture and the swinging saddle bring each of your muscles in motion, especially in the hip and lower back area.

That's why you can ride even better than with any other bike, without tension, pain or signs of fatigue symptoms.

We already rode 200 and 300 km (124 and 186 miles) in one day.

Of course everyone prefers to ride on smooth asphalt. With the Kwiggle you can also easily drive on paved trails. Even cobblestones are relatively comfortable to ride due to the wide tires. The larger the obstacles on the path (tree roots, large stones, sticks or potholes), the more you have to pay attention to were you are riding. The Kwiggle is not suitable for riding on coarse gravel, grassy areas or sand.

No! We have equipped the front brake with a brake force limiter, so that you do not run the risk of falling forward when suddenly braking hard with both brakes.
This extends the braking distance slightly, but it still remains within the prescribed range.

Riding uphill with the Kwiggle is less strenuous than with a normal bike, because you are already standing and can put a lot of pressure on the pedals. The prerequisite is, as with any bike, that the smallest gear is still small enough to ride uphill.

For steeper uphill rides, it's a matter of shifting your body's center of gravity a little further forward so that you still have a lot of pressure on the pedals so that you can ride uphill more easily. So just slide a little further forward on the saddle. For longer steep uphill stretches, you can also put the saddle a little further forward.


Riding downhill is great fun with the Kwiggle. The rolling resistance of the wheels is very low due to the industrial bearings they contain.
Due to the optimal position of the front wheel and the high wheel precision, the Kwiggle is very stable and can be steered smoothly even at high speeds.
If you have to brake hard, you can simply slide back a little on the saddle as with other bikes which results in more stable braking.


The permissible total weight is 100 kg (220 pounds).

The Kwiggle is made with the highest quality and sturdy materials.

The steering column is made of austenitic stainless steel. This can not break and even provides a pleasant suspension.

The long-term stability of the frame was confirmed by dynamic tests according to DIN EN ISO 4210.

Chain and sprocket are made of high-strength stainless steel with extremely high wear protection. This quality is topnotch in the worldwide bicycle market.

Therefore, the chain and sprocket last 5 - 10 years in normal use, despite the few teeth, until they need to be replaced.

The folding joints on folding bikes are subject to high stress. They are often the weak point in folding bikes.
Our folding joints are manufactured with the highest precision backlash-free to 1/100 mm.
The moving parts are made entirely of high-strength stainless steel, which has undergone extensive surface treatment to ensure the highest wear protection.
This ensures maximum stability and functional efficiency.


The Kwiggle requires very little maintenance due to the high-quality materials and workmanship: The chain must be lubricated from time to time and the brake shoes must be replaced at some point.

Standard work such as patching tires, cleaning the chain, replacing brake shoes, you can do yourself or your bike shop.

We also operate a service center for our customers at our assembly location in Hanover.

Just keep the reusable packaging the Kwiggle comes in.

Just get in touch with us and we will send you a shipping label with which you can bring the Kwiggle package to the parcel store. We will repair it and send the Kwiggle back to you within a few days.

Yes, of course, standard work such as patching tires or replacing brake shoes can be done by any bicycle repair shop.

In the instruction manual, there are also many instructions for other standard work.

Technically skilled workshops can also repair anything on the Kwiggle.

Of course, you are always welcome to have your Kwiggle repaired by us in Hannover. With your reusable packaging this is done quickly.

All spare parts are available from us. We manage the entire supply chain, including the purchase of materials and components. So we have all spare parts for your Kwiggle in stock.


Since the Kwiggle rides due to the unique stand-up seat position and the low weight even without E- nice and easy, you need an E-version at most for longer mountain rides.

An e-version won't come before mid-2024. We will always consider an E version as an upgrade to an existing Kwiggle as well.

We have many customers who buy the Kwiggle because of the special physiological benefits and enjoy every kilometer in the upright riding position. The Kwiggle also provides invaluable lower back and core muscle movement benefits.

We also feel the great efficiency benefits of riding upright with high pedal pressure every day.
So yes, we see great potential in a Kwiggle with large wheels.