Why the Kwiggle is superior to an ordinary bike


In an upright position you ride more relaxed and faster.

Why is that? The seating position takes care of that:

  • Your body's center of gravity is closer to the pedal's pressure point. So you save 60% thigh power (F) and still put more body weight (G) and therefore more pressure on the pedal.
  • Your torso doesn't have to be held in a forward leaning position.
  • You support yourself evenly on the saddle and the pedals. Back and hips bob along relaxed with every pedal stroke. The larger knee angle takes the strain off your knee. 
  • The muscles work in a natural cycle of tension and relaxation. All muscles work for long duration only aerobic. No muscle is strained steadily. Hence you can ride untiringly, with less exhaustion and without annoying aches.

Kwiggling addresses the deep torso muscles and is an excellent endurance sport.

The superior Kwiggle folding bike

"Riding the Kwiggle folding bike is no more strenuous than riding my smart e-bike, even over long distances. I'm just as fast and the posture is much more relaxed."

Tobias F., Munich, after more than 6.000 km on the Kwiggle.

10 benefits of riding a Kwiggle at a glance

  • Higher speed with lower thigh strength.
  • Less strain due to active movement.
  • No tension from a bend posture.
  • Less stress on the knee due to a larger angle of the knee.
  • The lower back and hips are brought into motion. Hip blockages and tension are released.
  • The deep trunk muscles are activated. This strengthens the supporting muscles of the trunk.
  • Best cardiovascular workout during intense riding.
  • All muscles move in a natural cycle of tensing and relaxing. All muscles work only in the aerobic zone; no muscle needs to tense permanently.
  • You'll ride with more endurance, less fatigue, and no annoying aches and pains.
  • This natural Kwiggle movement is just a lot of fun.

Kwiggle as an exercise tool


Kwiggling gets the lower back muscles moving and is the best workout for the back and hips. Our customers report improvements in back pain, resolving hip blockages and much more..

Kwiggling also strengthens the deep muscles of the upper body. These muscles are especially important for your physical stability. Strengthened deep muscles reduces the risk of injury. 

If you ride the Kwiggle fast for a long time, for example 28-32 km/h, you will get a very good cardiovascular training. All muscles work in the aerobic zone and the circulation is optimally stressed. The faster you ride, the more intense the workout.

The bottom line is that you can use the Kwiggle as a training tool for your lower back, deep core muscles and circulation. We know of no other sport that addresses these three important training areas so well. By adjusting your speed, you can determine the training intensity yourself.

Muscle use when cycling and when Kwiggling

Move every muscle

If your muscles always move in the natural cycle of tensing and relaxing, they don't hurt and can work longer. That is why walking is so healthy. Problems always arise when the muscle is constantly strained and does not get any relaxation. That's why the back and neck area hurt after a while during normal cycling, because the muscles have to permanently hold the weight of the upper body and head in a bend position .

Kwiggling is like walking

Walking upright is the natural movement of humans. The hips rock and all muscles work in a cycle of tension and relaxation. Riding upright on the Kwiggle bicycle is very close to walking. Again, the hip is rocking with the every pedal stroke, you are riding upright and all the muscles are moving.

Kwiggling is so much fun because it is so refreshingly natural. And it's even easy on the joints while you're doing it, because the swinging saddle always supports your moving hips.

Convert your body weight into speed

When cycling, you move forward with each pedal stroke because the pressure on the pedal lifts your body weight slightly out of the saddle, allowing your body weight to act on the pedal instead of the saddle. The farther your body's center of gravity is from the pedal, the more strength you have to exert with your thighs to get your weight off the saddle and onto the pedal.

When cycling in a seated position, your body's center of gravity is far back. That's why you need a lot of power. In contrast, when riding the Kwiggle in an upright position, you put your weight on the pedal from above, so you need a lot less force and actually put a lot more weight on the pedal.

This alone, is a revolution in cycling that you can experience tomorrow!

Ride the Kwiggle as fast as a 28'' bike

Because you are putting a lot of your body weight on the pedal, you can ride on the Kwiggle just as fast or even faster than on a normal city bike. Since you have to use less thigh strength, you will feel that to ride a Kwiggle is easier than cycling. It is more like walking.

Because all your muscles are in motion when you ride your Kwiggle, you can ride long distances without muscle pain.  

And because the knee does not have to bend so much, the knee joints are also spared. And the back, plagued by long days in the office, gets moving again.

Kwiggle to the limit

To test the predictions of doctors and physiotherapists in practice, we have made extreme tours with the Kwiggle. We did extremely long day tours and steep alpine passes. In the process, we gained many a surprising insight.