Folded much smaller than any other folding bike.

Fits even under the seats in the train.
The only one rush-hour capable

55 x 40 x 25 cm

up to 80% smaller

only 55 litres

Folding bike in hand luggage format.


Everything is hand luggage

Trunks, luggage racks, cabinets or lockers, everything in this world is designed to the hand luggage dimension of
55 x 40 x 25 cm.


Folding bikes are too big

Other folding bikes are unsuitable for commuters, always stand annoyingly in the aisle of the train and may not even be carried during rush hour or on the bus. And they take up space in the trunk of other luggage.


EScooters are too long

E-scooters are just too long and are not suitable to take with you.


Kwiggle fits everywhere

The Kwiggle is the world's only folding bike in hand luggage format (55x40x25 cm) and can be stowed anywhere just like luggage.

Best mobility on the go.

On the train

The Kwiggle is so small when folded, it fits everywhere in the train and on the train without disturbing the aisle. You have the bike at the seat with you and do not have to take care of it. The bicycle transport is even free of charge. So you can always take your bike with you on the ICE and continue your journey as soon as you reach your destination, even with a rolling suitcase attached. This saves you a lot of time and money on your daily commute and on every trip.

In the trunk

You can always have this bike in your car without it disturbing you. The Kwiggle bike fits in every trunk and leaves enough space for other luggage, even in small cars. So you can park for free and you are flexible in your choice of parking location and can reach your destination faster. The Kwiggle is the best folding bike for the last mile.

In a sports car

The Kwiggle bike is the only bike in the world that you can take with you in all sports cars and convertibles. Because here also applies: hand luggage always fits. Finally you can make wonderful excursions while at the same time increasing your options to experience other types of mobility.

When camping

Do you want to take a bike with you in your motorhome or travel with a bike carrier? The bike rack on the motorhome has many disadvantages: You can't get the folding doors open, the bikes are exposed to the weather and can be stolen, the permissible total weight of 3.5 tons is often exceeded and the bike rack brings excess length (> 6m) and that costs extra: on the parking lot, on the car train, and on the ferry. The small Kwiggle folding bike, on the other hand, fits safely stowed away in the smallest gap. Without any extra costs.

In the sports airplane 

Is the airport far away and do you feel a little trapped at your destination? You can easily take the Kwiggle bike with you on the plane without having to check it in as bulky luggage. Also, the hatches of sports planes and their overhead compartments are designed for hand luggage dimensions. That's why at least 2 Kwiggle bikes fit in every sports plane, even in a WT9 or an Aquila. Finally you are mobile everywhere and can discover new destinations without having to walk long distances.

On the boat

Who likes to heave a heavy bike onto the boat? Who likes to ride a scooter from the harbour to the grocery store? Finally there is the Kwiggle bicycle for the back box. You don't have to strap the bike to the deck anymore, but can safely stow it in a locker. This way the bike is out of the way and you can get everywhere easier and faster.

Take it everywhere

There are countless ways to store this bike and take it with you. If you have a Kwiggle, you will experience many more possibilities to travel around. Our customers are commuters, train travellers, car drivers, camper owners, sailors, boat owners, paddlers, sport pilots, air travellers, fitness enthusiasts, paragliders, ultra athletes, people with back and neck pain and anyone who likes our upright and flexible riding experience.