30 days to try it out:

Just order a Kwiggle folding bike and test ride it for 3-4 days. If you do not like it then not like it, you send it back to us within the 30-day cooling-off period (applies only to EU customers). So you can get to know all the everyday situations with the Kwiggle and better than a short test drive.

Our discounts and payment methods:

If you choose "Prepayment with bank transfer" at the checkout, you save 3% with us.

Kwiggle® flash ultracompact
1,440.00 € from 1,440.00 € 1440.0 EUR
Kwiggle® ultracompact
1,440.00 € from 1,440.00 € 1440.0 EUR
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Why is a stable and durable quality folding bike like the Kwiggle in a higher price range?

10 kg lightweight folding bikes with less than 100 l Folding volume cost more than 2,500 euros. The 9-10 kg light Kwiggle with the unique folding volume of only 55 l costs from 1,421 euros. Many customers therefore ask, why the Kwiggle is so inexpensive compared to the high-quality folding bikes.

The simple answer is:
We sell directly to you!

So the Kwiggle is sold and shipped directly to you. Without price markups for dealer margins.
Another reason: the Kwiggle is produced just-in-time. Without expensive warehousing and logistics. You as a customer benefit.

Why is a stable and durable quality folding bike like the Kwiggle in a higher price range?

1. Compactness

Compact folding bikes need a sophisticated folding mechanism with many frame parts that can nevertheless be folded quickly and easily. Bikes with many frame parts are more expensive because, of course, more frame parts cost significantly more in total than just a few frame parts. More compact folding bikes therefore cost more than bulky folding bikes.

And a fully-fledged folding bike with a folding volume in hand luggage format is of course particularly complex to produce.

2. Weight

A folding bike must be as light as possible. It should not weigh more than 10 kg so that it is easy to carry. Two kilos more already make a big difference in handling. Folding bikes weighing 12 kg or more cost an average of about 1,500 euros. Cheaper folding bikes are still significantly heavier. For a lightweight folding bike must be used materials that are very high quality.

Each gram of weight saved costs about 1 euro. A wheel that is 1 kg lighter is therefore usually 1,000 euros more expensive. In comparison, therefore, a Kwiggle folding bike that weighs only 10 kg should actually cost from 3,000 euros.

3. Material quality

Stable and at the same time lightweight folding bikes require materials as well as stable and durable connections and joints connections and joints - ideally made of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant stainless steel with high precision manufacturing, as is the case with the Kwiggle.

On the Kwiggle, even the highly stressed drive units, i.e. the chain and sprockets, are also made of stainless steel. This has the advantage that the chain does not have to be so heavily lubricated. If you also decide for the first-class chain lubricant on a pure ceramic basis from our store, you no longer come into contact with oil and grease on the chain.

We have trimmed both the stainless steel joints and the stainless steel drive unit for maximum wear resistance. This is unique in the bike world.

To get stainless steel so wear resistant, we used very high quality and expensive manufacturing processes.

The result: corrosion-resistant drive units with the highest wear resistance worldwide and highly precise wear-resistant stainless steel joint inserts and bolts.

4. Manufacturing precision

We have also made the steering column, on which the entire weight of the driver hangs, in stainless steel, which is also spring steel. This has the great advantage that the steering column allows a large elastic deflection and does not break. A built-in lightweight saddle suspension, so to speak. These seamless drawn stainless steel tubes are manufactured very, very precisely and achieve the highest strengths, making the connections with the joints particularly stable.

Another example are the high-precision, wear- and corrosion-resistant rims. A special manufacturing process enables us to achieve maximum running precision and excellent wear resistance on the rims. Despite this, the rims are lightweight.

All this costs a lot of money. Stainless steel costs many times more than normal steel.

So that we can still offer you a affordable folding bike, Made in Germany, we sell and deliver the Kwiggle without intermediaries directly to you. This saves us the high dealer margins and expensive warehousing and logistics. So you get a lot of folding bike for your money.

So that you can also go this way independently and get along well with the Kwiggle, we support you with the first steps and are always available. If a service is needed that you can't do yourself or you don't have a workshop nearby, we'll be happy to do it for you, we will gladly do the service for you: directly from the manufacturer.

Folding bike accessories

Comfort saddle
41.60 € 41.60 € 41.6 EUR
Ergon GP5 L Gripshift® Dual Twist
66.05 € 66.05 € 66.05 EUR
Z reflector with holder
12.90 € 12.90 € 12.9 EUR
Trolley-case strap
10.00 € 10.00 € 10.0 EUR
Trelock folding lock FS 280 TWO.GO, 80 CM
50.00 € 50.00 € 50.0 EUR
Chain lubricant
20.84 € 20.84 € 20.84 EUR
Contec Mini Pump Air Support Pocket Basic
18.45 € 18.45 € 18.45 EUR
Angle adapter for air pump
4.16 € 4.16 € 4.16 EUR
Tube Continental Compact 10/11/12 AV
5.00 € 5.00 € 5.0 EUR