Most compact folding bike in the WORLD


Folded 55x40x25cm
20-30 km/h
9,5-10,5 kg
Folded in 10 s
Why the Kwiggle is worth its price ....

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Kwiggle®flash ultracompact folding bike

Superlative folding bike - Made in Germany
This folding bike beats all records: super compact, ultra light, super fast - unbeatable price-performance ratio

Department: Men's, Women's, Unisex
Folding size Faltmaß: 21.5 x 15.7 x 9/10 inch
Wheel size: 12 inch
Body size: 4'5'' - 6'5''
Total weight: up to 220 Lbs.
Age group: adults, seniors, teenagers, children
frame material: stainless steel, high strength aluminum
Suspension type: Full suspension via spring steel tube
Development: 3-speed: 4.1-5.9 m/rev, 6-speed: 3.1-7.2 m/rev

Terms and conditions:
14-day money-back guarantee for EU-customers

Tests, experiences and impressions:

How our customers rate the Kwiggle

Have several folding bikes in possession. The Kwiggle beats all in terms of pack size. Quick to fold and put together. Therefore always with me. But be careful! Every bike fan wants to talk to you;-)

Joachim C. - Gernsheim

The Kwiggle is surprisingly uncomplicated, really fun to ride, even on longer trips, making it a real asset. It is much easier than you think. A great device!!!

Werner F. - Augsburg

My radius of action together with car or bus and train has greatly increased, because I have problems with walking for health reasons. Kwiggling, on the other hand, works great. Is better than a wheelchair for me.

Erich A. - Bad Münstereifel

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  • Hand luggage size (55*40*25 cm)

  • » fits under seats in bus and train
    » is the only one that does not interfere in the aisle
    » leaves a lot of space in the trunk.

  • effortlessly 25 km/h with the folding bike,
    without much pedaling

  • super-light 10 kg for all heights (1,35 - 1,95m)


  • " Highest precision and material quality
    " DIN-ISO-tested stability.

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Useful features


Folding bike lightweight

Folded or unfolded, the Kwiggle weighs only 9 - 10 kg and can be carried comfortably as a solid package with one hand.

Take luggage with you

Easy transport of luggage with the folding bike: Ortlieb-,  VAUDE bagsor roll suitcase. Also backpacks are comfortable to carry in an upright position.



You do not have to carry the Kwiggle. This folding bike can be conveniently pulled like a trolley and parked anywhere: Worldwide unique!



For us, the best innovation of the Kwiggle:

The fantastic upright movement on this folding bike.

After thousands of miles, we can confidently say:

Riding a Kwiggle is physiologically superior to normal bicycling.

Discover upright cycling

Kwiggle: technology and data

55 × 40 × 25 cm
Build for: 1.35 - 1.95 m
9.5 - 10.5 kg
Wheels: 12 inch
Permissible total weight: 100 kg
3 or 6 gears

4.1 - 5.9 m/rev


For heights from 1.35 to 1.95 m

Thanks to the adjustable seat, almost everyone can ride on the same Kwiggle.
The highlight here: when folded the Kwiggle has always the same small size.

3 or 6- gear shift

With 3 gears you can go anywhere. 

With 6 gears you can even go to the Alps.

3 gears with 4.1, 5.2 and 5.9 m/rev.

6 gears with 3.1 - 7.2 m/rev


With luggage rack

You don't have to buy a special bag. Just use normal bicycle bags:
The rack is suitable for Ortlieb bags with QL-2.1 system and for Vaude bags with QMR system.



We only use high-strength stainless steel and 7000-series aluminum for the frame of the Kwiggle.

  • The stainless steel steering tube and high-quality silver-brazed stainless steel joints bring springy comfort and ensures long-term stability.
  • All moving parts of the precision folding joints are equipped with extremely high quality wear protection.
    This ensures a robust, exact closing joint, and with only one fold. This is unique and patented.
  • The lower frame parts have tab-like weld seams for the best possible stress distribution, manufactured with industrial robots in consistently outstanding MIG quality.
  • The rear frame section is particularly elegant and light and constructed as a single swingarm.
  • The fork is made from only one piece. This makes it light and strong at the same time.
  • We use sealed heavy duty 1.5 inch industrial angular contact ball bearings as the steering head bearings.



In a special manufacturing process, the Kwiggle rims are manufactured from a single piece of wrought aluminum alloy, unique in the world, with outstanding properties:

  • light and rigid at the same time
  • wear-resistant even after many thousands of kilometers
  • highly corrosion resistant
  • highest running accuracy
  • polished noble look

This precision and robustness allows smooth running even at high speeds of 60 km/h (37 mph).



The Kwiggle's patented drivetrain brings the 12-inch wheels up to road bike speed at normal riding cadence.

The very robust mini derailleur reliably switches the 3 pinions with 7, 8 and 10 teeth. The pinion geometry allows a smooth shift change. The sprockets and the chain are made of the best materials that the bicycle market has to offer: high-strength stainless steel with outstanding wear resistance. This ensures many thousands of kilometers of running performance of chain and sprockets.

For maintenance, we recommend the oil and grease-free chain lubricant "DryFluids". High ceramic content provides a pleasant pedaling feel and significantly less dirt.



  • Gear ratio 1:1.65
  • Crank length 170 mm
  • 5-arm, bolt circle 104mm
  • 1 chainring with 34 Z
  • Development 3.1 - 7.2 m
  • with integrated chain guard, 7075-T6 aluminum
The 6-speed speeddrive is a real discovery. A very robust easy-running bottom bracket gear with a long gear ratio, which makes steep hills just as possible as a quiet cadence even at 30 km/h.

With the shift bars on the crank, it is now comfortable to shift. Our reason to use the speeddrive now also in the Kwiggle.



  • Miche Team CPT
  • Crank length 170 mm
  • 5-arm, bolt circle 110mm
  • 1 chainring with 46 Z
  • with integrated chain guard, 7075-T6 aluminum
The Crank unit fulfills two important tasks. It has a particularly small Q-factor so that the feet can be as close together as possible. This is much more comfortable for riding while standing. In addition, the Miche Team CPT is one of the lightest representatives of the square aluminum cranks.

Chain wheel and chain guard are made of one piece, which results in a very noble look.



In trolley mode, the Kwiggle is easy to pull. Just like a trolley suitcase.

The trolley wheels are made extra large for this purpose, so that pulling of the folded Kwiggle is easy and pleasant everywhere, even on uneven terrain.



The side-pull brake is the lightest and most space-saving brake there is. That's why we chose to use them.

Because every millimeter and every gram counts.

We have equipped the front brake with a brake force limiter, which prevents falling forward even when braking hard in the heat of the moment.



The Eyro model from Busch and Müller combines detailed driveway illumination at 30 lux with high compactness. The EYRO is a battery powered front light of high quality. It can be simply removed for charging and than connected to a USB charger..

We mount the EYRO just 40 cm above the ground in order to make the ground structure (edges, bumps) visible. The detection of cracks and bumps on dark roads is therefore no problem. It also has an excellent light output.

The rear-light

The Spanninga Nr. 9 with reflector and battery convinces with its retro look.


        The rack is another highlight on the Kwiggle. We wanted to provide our customers with a solution for their existing Ortlieb bicycle bags without having to spend extra money on a separate luggage system. We have developed a rack that fits perfectly into the folding size, allows at least 10 kg load and weighs only 75 g.

        All current Ortlieb rear-wheel or Ortlieb front-wheel bags fit on the luggage carrier.

        THE PEDALS

        MKS XP-EZY with reflectore, only 330g.
        Perfect functioning plug-in principle.
        Quality made in Japan.

        We use plug-in pedals. This makes the folding size of the Kwiggle 2 cm narrower and has therefore hand luggage size..

        The pedal is very easy to remove with one hand and is significantly more robust than any folding pedal.

                                    Kwiggle features:
                                    Colors: Various paint splashes in black
                                    3 gears at the back 3-speed derailleur with front derailleur (7, 8 and 10 teeth)
                                    If 6-speed selected:
                                    Schlumpf speeddrive with 2 gear steps in front.
                                    2 transmission gears in front in combination with
                                    3-speed derailleur with front derailleur (7, 8 and 10 teeth).
                                    Frame: 7000 series aluminum and high strength stainless steel
                                    Brakes and Brake Levers: Tektro side-pull brake
                                    Rims: Rim: Aluminum wrought-alloy, made out of one piece
                                    Tires: Tires: Schwalbe Big Apple 12 Zoll with reflective stripes
                                    Wheel guards: SKS
                                    Crank: Miche Team CPT, 170 mm, LK 110mm
                                    Chainring with chain guard 7075-T6 aluminum, black anodized
                                    46 teeth
                                    Luggage carrier:
                                    for bike bag and slot for right pedal
                                    Front light: Busch+Müller, EYRO (30 Lux) with integrated rechargeable battery
                                    Rear light: Spanninga No. 9 with battery