What makes the Kwiggle different from all other folding bikes?

1. the Kwiggle is the only one in the world that is suitable for commuting. Why?

The carriage of bicycles, e-scooters and folding bikes on public transport is severely restricted. The Kwiggle, on the other hand, can be taken on any form of public transport without restrictions, because its hand luggage format makes it the only one that fits under seats on buses and trains. All other folding bikes and e-scooters are too bulky. You inevitably have to park them in the aisle, where they disturb others. For this reason, carrying these folding bikes and e-scooters on buses and trains is mostly forbidden (on buses; during rush hour on the S-Bahn; on trains in all areas outside the few parking spaces).

Kwiggle on the train

2. the Kwiggle is the only one in the world that fits easily into any car trunk. Why?

The Kwiggle is not only the most compact folding bike in the world, it also has hand luggage format. And because car trunks are always designed exactly for hand luggage (2, 4 or 6 depending on size), the Kwiggle fits perfectly in every boot and still leaves enough space for other loads. The few other folding bikes, on the other hand, that fit into a trunk at all usually fill it completely and leave no room for additional loads such as shopping.

Kwiggle in the trunk

3. The Kwiggle has incomparable ride characteristics. Why?

The upright riding position has decisive advantages: In the upright riding position, you have a much better overview in traffic. Riding is also less strenuous because you convert your body weight into speed much more efficiently. And you also get your back moving in the upright position. This natural movement is fun and is also much more efficient.

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