Take a bike on the train at any time with the 49-euro ticket.

It's getting crowded on trains and buses. That's why Deutsche Bahn restricts the transport of bicycles. We show you how you can take a bike everywhere for free.


The railroad restricts bicycle transport.

It's vacation time and the 49-Euro-Ticket offers you all possibilities to explore many cities and landscapes all over Germany at a reasonable price.

But how do you get from the station to your destination? Or how can you move on at your destination? Therefore, many of you would like to take your bike with you on the trip.

If everyone wants to do that, the trains will be chaotically crowded. That is why the railroad will limit the possibility of taking bicycles. You must expect that you will not be able to take your bike with you.

The solution: a bike as big as a small suitcase.

Imagine you had a bicycle that you could make as small as a piece of luggage. Then you could take this bike like a piece of luggage everywhere for free. And just slide it under the seat without bothering anyone. That way, you're always instantly mobile at any destination you choose.

The ideal bike-sharing solution for the 49-euro ticket.

Discover the bike transport on the train