Which saddle height for whom?

Only a Kwiggle offers that, too:

Thanks to the patented design, the saddle can be adjusted vertically and horizontally as desired adjusted as desired - easily, quickly and continuously. This allows people between between 135 cm and 200 cm in height can easily choose the riding position that best suits them - especially as the especially since the handlebars can also be easily adjusted in height in seconds.

Performance adjustment

It is particularly suitable - in addition to everyday use - for longer distances or endurance sports. High speeds can be easily reached. One rides virtually "standing-sitting" and thus uses his body weight, to bring maximum force on the pedals. For this purpose, the saddle is set so high, that the legs are put through, so that one comes into the standing-sitting mode..

Relax adjustment

You prefer users who, for example, have many stops on their way through the city, for example at traffic lights or priority roads. The saddle is positioned lower. This allows you to comfortably reach the ground with both feet. The way of riding is comparable to that of a normal bicycle.