The No. 1 in the city


  • Hand luggage size (55*40*25 cm)

  • » fits under seats in bus and train 
       and is the only bike that doesn't block the aisle 
    » leaves a lot of space in the trunk of the car

  • easily ride 25 km/h without much pedaling or effort

  • super light 10 kg and suitable for body heights between (1,35 - 1,95m)


  • » Highest precision and material quality
    » Stability is ISO-tested

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1000 possibilities with 1 folding bike - Ease Your Life!

Look how commuters, train riders, car owners, city travelers, campers, pilots, sailors, boat owners, paddlers and many more use the Kwiggle:


Useful Features



Folded or unfolded, the Kwiggle weighs only 9 - 10 kg and can be carried comfortably as a solid package with one hand.


It's child's play to transport luggage with the folding bike: Ortlieb &  VAUDE bags or roll cases are available. Also backpacks are comfortably to carry in an upright position.


Folding bike trolley

You don't have to carry the Kwiggle. This folding bike can be conveniently pulled like a trolley and parked anywhere: It is unique in the world.

Tests, experiences and impressions:

This Folding Bike Inspires

The "go to" bike which simply accompanies you everywhere and is always at hand, or small and compact waiting to be used again. It is incredibly practical!

Rebekka W. - Bückeburg

This is the optimal folding bike for me, which I am constantly using on the road with public transport. Easy to carry, easy to fold, easy to store. And with the upright riding position and  the movable saddle my knee and Back pain are gone.  

Ole J. - Berlin

The best foldie I've ever had! Definitely a product of passion.

Jan S. - Barcelona

Casual, surprisingly good off-road.....

Werner G. - Munich

I find the riding experience wonderful. Due to the movable saddle it feels very dynamic. A normal bike feels very stiff to me after riding a Kwiggle.

Daniela A. - Düsseldorf

I bought it unseen and I am very satisfied. Let's hear it for the Kwiggle development team!

Matthias S. - Sao Paulo

> 30

Upright cycling is better cycling.

Normally when cycling, the upper body is constantly in an forward leaning position. Back, shoulders and wrists are strained.

When riding upright on the Kwiggle, on the other hand, all muscles remain relaxed and in motion, the joints are relieved and in the standing sitting position you bring more pressure on the pedals and thus you can ride faster with less effort than with ordinary folding bikes.

More about riding upright


Folding bike EXTREME

We make extreme tours with this folding bike, because doctors and physiotherapists tell us:

"When kwiggling, all muscles work optimally. You will be able to ride for a very long time without getting tired"

We rode hundreds of miles in one day because of this fact. We participated in road bike races. We have conquered the steepest alpine passes with this folding bike, and have made comparisons between a Kwiggle and a road bike while riding in the mountains.

Learn more about our findings from this new folding bike world.

More about extreme touring 


We are here for you.

Want to learn more about riding and folding, the handling and the correct settings of the folding bike? We will help you from your first kilometer/mile and also after many thousands of kilometers/miles and help you with any further questions you may have.

We want our customers to have direct contact with us the manufacturer.
We have the parts manufactured from the raw material in Germany and Italy and we assemble the Kwiggle folding bike ourselves so that we can personally guarantee the highest possible quality.

We offer annual folding bike service, any repairs and all spare parts for the folding bike at our assembly facility and service center in Hannover.


The better folding bike: Kwiggle the gamechanger

Doesn't fit, doesn't exist!

The only folding bike in the world that fits in hand luggage compartments.
All stowage options are designed for hand luggage dimensions. Therefore, the Kwiggle also fits under the seats in the ICE and in other trains. It fits effortlessly into cabinets and lockers and in the trunk of any car. Kwiggle is the game changer in the folding bike sector and brings unimagined mobile freedom.

Lightweight package to carry!

The Kwiggle is very light (9 - 10kg) and as a small package very handy. You can easily carry it up staircases and subway stairs with one hand. As the only folding bike, it can even be stowed in a backpack and carried comfortably for a long time.

Free theft insurance.

The Kwiggle can be folded faster than you can lock a bike - in just 10 seconds. So you always take your Kwiggle with you so that it can't be stolen.

Best trolley feature.

The Kwiggle has a trolley function, so you can easily pull it behind you and park it anywhere when you are not riding it. With the large trolley wheels you can easily roll the Kwiggle over uneven ground. This convenient trolley function is unique in the entire folding bike market and insanely useful in everyday life. You only have to carry the Kwiggle when you walk up and down stairs. And then it only weighs 10kg.

Mobile Freedom

Because the Kwiggle is always at hand you'll experience pure mobility. The city suddenly becomes very small and accessible with the Kwiggle because the Kwiggle can be easily combined with any means of transportation: car, train, bus, or taxi.
Searching for a parking space near your destination is no longer necessary. With the Kwiggle you can be at your destination in no time at all.

The Clip-On

With the Clip-On strap you transform your Kwiggle easily into a luggage transporter, which brings you and your rolling suitcase to the desired destination. An accidental discovery that turned out to be a real advantage when traveling. The rolling suitcase is attached to the back of the seat post with a sturdy strap and effortlessly rides along.


Each Kwiggle is manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards. High quality materials and the best components ensure a excellent riding experience with real longevity.

Stainless steel where appropriate

Folding joints, chain, sprockets, bolts, and screws are made of stainless steel and we applied high wear protection on the parts that are being folded.

Fantastic riding experience

To ride a Kwiggle is a relaxing experience, you'll be hooked. Many of our customers have even put aside their regular bikes to enjoy the Kwiggle riding experience more often.

Free from tension

Due to the upright posture, the disadvantages of a stooped posture when cycling are a thing of the past.
The uncomfortable pressure on the wrists or the permanent strain on the back muscles are a thing of the past. On the Kwiggle you'll no longer get a stiff neck. And even better: you even get your deep torso and back muscles moving. Physiologically, the Kwiggle is far superior to a normal bicycle.

Good for the environment

Everyone can do their part to tackle the climate crisis. However, completely abandoning individual mobility is not the solution here. The Kwiggle is the perfect link between the home, public means of transportation and the workplace. Only by rethinking personal transportation is a mobility turnaround possible, in which groups of people travel the majority of a route together and only the last mile is covered individually. The bicycle is still the best way to travel over land without causing emissions.