Kwiggle on television

You have to ride our Kwiggle yourself to experience this new fantastic movement.

Kwiggle on "Einfach Genial" by MDR

A great show in which interesting inventions are presented. Matthias tested the Kwiggle for a week. Here you can find out what he thought about the Kwiggle.


Kwiggle on "Das Ding des Jahres" by ProSieben 

ProSieben asked us if we wanted to join "Das Ding des Jahres". Super team in Köln. We had a lot of fun. Of course everyone wanted to try the Kwiggle backstage.

Kwiggle on "Chexpedition" by Bayerischer Rundfunk 

Checker Julian goes on adventures to many interesting places in Germany. He always has the Kwiggle with him. Great and exciting stories for young and old.