Service + Repair

Does your bike need an inspection? Or does it have to be repaired after the warranty and guarantee has elapsed? Or should worn out parts be replaced or the bike be serviced?

We will do the service for your Kwiggle! Why?

We manage the entire supply chain starting with material and component purchasing, contracting our almost exclusively German suppliers to machine the frame material and manufacture the parts, and finally assembling the bike at our facility in Hanover, Germany.

Every single part and every manufacturing step goes through our hands. This is how we ensure top quality MADE in GERMANY.

A Kwiggle consists of about 250 - 300 individual components, which we need in the assembly process and therefore also keep in stock at our company location.

With us your Kwiggle gets the best possible treatment.

We keep servicing needs small from the start.

We strive to keep the need for service as low as possible:

- that is why we use high-quality durable materials and components for the Kwiggle. This includes in particular wear-resistant and robust drive components: chain and sprocket are made of the highest quality materials that the bicycle market has to offer.

- We exclusively use sealed industrial bearings (RS seals), which are additionally provided with cover discs.

- The moving parts of the hinged joints are made of high-precision stainless steel and are equipped with the highest possible wear protection.

- All relevant screw connections are provided with screw lock.

How does the service procedure work?

If something needs to be repaired on your Kwiggle, just send it to us. You will receive the Kwiggle in a high quality reusable shipping box, which you should fold up and stow away for later use.

The service procedure for all customers in Europe is as follows:

You get a shipping label from us, pack the Kwiggle in the stored shipping package and bring the whole thing to the parcel store.
The shipping of your Kwiggle then takes 1 to 2 days from Germany and 2 to 4 days from the rest of Europe. When it arrives at our service center, we bring your Kwiggle back into shape and then send it directly back to your home. It's that fast and simple.

The Annual Check-Up

We offer all customers an annual check-up for 60 euros plus round-trip shipping.
This includes:

Frame & fork
  • Visual inspection for damage and cracks
All bearings
  • Cleaning, inspection and adjustment of the head bearing
  • Cleaning and checking of the bottom bracket
Drive & circuit
  • Wear Measurement
  • Visual inspection for damage
  • Basic setting
  • Wear Measurement
  • Visual inspection for damage
  • Basic setting
Wheels & Tires
  • Visual inspection for wear and damage
  • Functional test of wheel turning and bearing
Folding joints
  • Visual inspection for wear and damage
  • Function test