Test ride - at your home

If you can ride a bike, you can Kwiggle straight away."

However, a Kwiggle offers two unique advantages compared to conventional cycling:

1. the comfortable upright riding position and

2. the energy-saving riding position directly above the bottom bracket.

This driving style can sometimes feel a little unfamiliar for the first few kilometers and requires a certain amount of time to get used to before "Kwiggling" can be enjoyed completely carefree. Experience shows: about a day on average.

That's why we know that a short test ride is often not enough to make a final purchase decision. For logistical reasons, test rides would only be possible at our Hanover or Berlin locations anyway.

Our solution:

We offer you a convenient 30-day right of return . So you can test ride your Kwiggle intensively and at your leisure at home and decide flexibly whether you want to keep it.

Any return shipment is then very simple: you put the Kwiggle back in the shipping box and off you go to the post office. You can also get a return label from us (mandatory for all customers outside the EU). We will of course refund the purchase price as soon as the Kwiggle arrives back at our premises.

Incidentally, our statistics show that around 95% of those who give the Kwiggle some time keep it. Our customers are delighted with the riding experience. Many use the Kwiggle not only for commuting or for the last mile, but increasingly also as sports equipment, for long bicycle tours or take it with them when traveling.