Adjusting the saddle height of the ordered Kwiggle:

The optimum saddle height for the Kwiggle is a function of step height (as measured in the picture) and body weight.

Why does the body weight have an influence on the saddle height?

The body weight has some influence because the steering column on which the saddle is hung is made of spring steel. This slightly elastic movement must be taken into account when adjusting the height of the saddle.

If you like to enter your data below, then we can already preset the saddle height before delivery. Then you just have to unpack your Kwiggle and you're ready to go.

The crotch height for people with normal length legs is approximately the height divided by 2.1 (long legs divided by 2.0, short legs divided by 2.2). Please use this to check if your information is plausible.

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